Custom Military Belt Buckles

Custom Military Belt Buckles

With 47 bundled years of Active service Service. Custom Military Belt Buckles is an Interest for us at Pitch and Rudder

Here at Sound and Tail, we pleasure personally on offering a high-quality item at a solid cost. We are understood for our Customized Difficulty Currency, but we create an outstanding Customized Navy Belt Buckle. We have created a number of customized command buckles and over 30 U.S. Navy Custom Rate buckles.

Our clasps vary in dimensions from 2.5 inches in size to our basic size which is 3.5 inches in size. Making a custom buckle has never ever been simpler, and among our customer, support staff member will take a walk you with the procedure. Click to see more details about the

Step one

Idea art; we may work together with you to establish just what you are searching for in your control buckle. Establishing the plating demands pictures and 3D information, when we understand this area finished we may press to the CNC image to ensure that you can obtain a feeling of just what the buckle will appear like before the Sampling being struck.

Step two

Once the idea and CNC are authorized, we will finish the sample item; this typically takes 10 days. During this moment, we make three examples with different plating demands to provide you choices in the manufacturing phase.

Step three

Manufacturing and shipping, once example has been authorized, we may drive the item into manufacturing. Once manufacturing is finished, we possess the manufacturing facility to send out it storage facility for quality assurance paychecks, within 24 Hr of the invoice to the storage facility they will be delivered to you.

Custom Military Belt Buckles


  • 100% fast dry out stain immune nylon belt and top quality plastic buckle.
  • Cuttable to suit your waist size.
  • It is completely flexible(to your ideal pleasure level), it has no openings in the belt.
  • Ideal belt for sportswear, sports task, outside task and work.
  • It is ideal for regular tourist as it capable to underwent flight terminal steel scanning device without having to remove